Questions and Answers

1Do councils need an application to demolish my property?
Yes you will need a Development Approval from your Council to demolish your property.
2Will my builder submit my application for me?
Most builders like to keep the demolition seperate from the building application. You can download the application from your Council's website.
3How long does the approval take?
Most council's take 7 to 14 business days but it could vary.
4Is there an application fee?
Council's usually charge $450.
5How can i get a Environmental Control Plan & Work Statement?
When you accept our quote. We provide one specifically for your job. Just attach it to your application. It also includes our license and insurance details.
6Authorities are increasingly focused on the enforcement of Health & Safety and Environmental issues. Do you comply with these regulations? 
Yes, Local Councils and WorkCover are vigorously enforcing Environmental Protection and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. Some Councils and even Builders are now asking for Hygienist Reports or Clearance Certificates to guarantee no hazardous materials are on the site. Bliss Demolitions. endorses the need for such regulation. We can organise a Report or Certificate for you if required.
7Surely a demolition is a demolition and can be done by anyone with a truck and an excavator?
Unfortunately these people are about. Non professional practice often leads to attempts to save substantial tip fees by burying asbestos and other materials under the site. Your building site would then be a hazardous area and can cost you thousands to clear up. Your builder or Council will explain.
8What if something goes wrong? Am i protected?
We have up to $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. Details are provided in our quotation.
9Will my property end up at the tip or will it be recycled?
Access Demolition Group have a major depot where all relevant materials are recycled. Asbestos, and other hazardous materials, are carefully buried at a licensed tip. 
10A demolition site is a dangerous place. How do you protect it? 
We install a 1.8m security fence to secure the site and place clear signs to warn people away. When the fence is erected, the site becomes the responsibility of the contractor. No unauthorized persons can enter.



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